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Allpets dogs and puppies for sale in chandigarh Bringing Home Joy and Happiness through a Furry Bundle of Joy The decision to welcome a happy, furry, snuggly canine into the home and the heart feels super exciting. Puppies are the adorable little creatures that fill up your life with so much joy. It feels like bringing home a new best friend for life. Besides bringing in joy, there is so much that raising a puppy teaches you. It teaches to be more responsible and alert as you need to take care of the furry bundle all day every day. Sure, every puppy is adorable and if possible one would want to take home all the puppies encountered, but that is not something that happens. There are a number of things that you need to think through before buying a dog for the first time. Choosing the right breed of dog is one of the most significant things to consider in this regard. The breed that you buy should suit your needs and routine. The well-being of the puppy, where he gets the attention and care that he needs, is of utmost importance. The following checklist for buying a puppy will come in handy when selecting a breed. Disposition It is true that each breed has their own behavioral tendencies. Though each dog comes with its individual personality, the breed behaviors are something that you cannot totally ignore. There are some breeds that are naturally more energetic while some others are difficult with strangers. These need training early on to avoid problematic behavior in future. If you have children in your house, you would want to focus on breeds that are naturally protective and affectionate towards children like Labradors or Pugs. Some dogs are boisterous by nature like Jack Russell, while others are rather tame like Great Dane. Nurturing and training can influence their temperament to a great deal. However, you must still research well on the disposition of your breed of choice and keep in mind the kinds of environments you are going to subject the dog. Size The next important consideration is the size of the animal. Quite naturally, you would not want to bring breeds like Golden Retrievers, Great Danes, and German Shepherds into small environments like apartments, mobile homes or senior care centers. These are big dogs that need space inside and outside the house. They will need more space to move around and exercise. If your space is considerably small, you can opt for small dog breeds like Toy Pom, German Spitz, Cocker Spaniel, and so on. They are small and playful which makes them perfect for small spaces. However, size should not be the only factor in your list of what to consider when buying a dog. Also, you have no reason to think that a small dog has a gentler temperament or needs less care when compared to a big one. Maintenance Maintenance is another big factor in selecting a puppy. An Afghan hound would need daily baths and constant grooming. On the other hand, a breed like Dalmatian will almost never need brushing. There are two main factors at work in this regard: the labour you are willing to pitch in and the amount of time you can dedicate to the daily grooming of the dog. The maintenance of a puppy is not just about the physical aspects, as his mental health is part of the upkeep too. Your little bundle of joy needs training, walking, and games to keep it happy and engaged. Dogs are predominantly outdoorsy by nature, and if you just keep him at home all day, he will become restless, anxious and depressed. So, part of your maintenance consideration is the daily walk or exercise of your pup. Life-span The death of a dog is one of the most tragic incidents for any dog owner. It is a memory that any dog owner carries in his/her heart for life. Most of Dog have a common lifespan of ten to thirteen years roughly, which are obviously seen as some of the best years of life by any pet owner. But the truth is that some dogs do live a little longer than the others. Dogs like Pomeranian, Dachshund, Poodle, Pug, and Beagles have longer lifespans, and some of them are known to have lived more than fifteen or even twenty years. Large dogs like Newfoundland, Wolfhound tend to have a shorter lifespan than the others. While the lifespan should not necessarily become one of the main deciding factors, recognising the span of the breeds in advance is necessary. Medical needs Different breeds have their own set of common medical issues. For instance, Poodles are more prone to periodontal diseases while hip dysplasia is a common issue seen in some other dogs. If you are a thorough dog owner, you will need to know the early signs to watch out for the puppy. The more knowledge you have about the issue, the better equipped you are in dealing with the issues. Imagine a condition where you live high up in the building, and your pet starts to have a problem with walking correctly. You should be ready for such medical emergencies. So, it is better to have some information about the probable health issues of the breeds and what you can do as a first step to helping your puppy. Deworming and immunization All puppies have worms from the time they are born. The de-worming should start at two weeks and then onwards continue with a two weeks interval in between. The responsibility of deworming will come to you eventually, but the first step is taken by the breeder. Vaccination starts at seven weeks and the very important rabies vaccine is given at sixteen weeks. Come to our website and take a look at our adorable puppies.We sell dog puppies of all breeds in the tri-city of Mohali, Chandigarh and Panchkula. 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