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ALL PETS Stores ‘n’ Farm is a passion dedicating to which we are managing a complete pet store and Pet Farm in Mohali near Chandigarh since year 2000 dealing in Show Quality pet breeds of dogs, cats, fish aquarium, exotic birds like budgerigars, cocktails, lovebirds, white pigeons, etc & small animals like hamster, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. All pets is committed to deliver best quality pets at best prices. We never believe in compromising the quality as we know you always have a choice. We always try to help hobbyist on each and every issue related to pets like Breeding, Feeding & Nutrition, Health care advise, etc. We have vast experience which we always love to share. Please don't hesitate to approach us for any assistance or guidance related to pets you may require. At ALL PETS Stores n Farm you can ask for following pets: Dog Breeds: Labrador retriever, Dachshund, Beagle, German shepherd, Saint Bernard, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Akita, Siberian husky, Rottweiler, English mastiff, Bull mastiff, French mastiff, Tibetan mastiff, Boxer, Doberman, cocker spaniel, British bull dog, Chow Chow, Lhasa Apso, Dalmatian, French bull dog, Shitzu, Pug, Toy Pomeranian, etc Cats: Persian Cats Exotic Birds: Budgerigars, Lovebirds, Sun Conures, African Grey Parrot, Cocktail, Cockatoo, Macaw, Finches Small animals: Rabbits, Guinea Pig, Hamster, etc Fish and Aquariums: Tropical Fresh water aquarium fishes, Planted aquarium, Marine aquarium Horses: Thoroughbred Horse ALL PETS Stores also deals in following Pet accessories including Dog accessories, Aquarium accessories, aquarium supplies, bird cages & accessories, etc: Complete range of Pet food including Dog Food, Fish Food, Cat Food, Bird Food, Rabbit Food. Dog Chains, Leashes, Collars, Muzzles, Dog Toys, Chew sticks, Chew Bones, Dog biscuits, Nail Clippers, Combs, Brush. Dog Shampoo, Dog Soap, Pet Perfumes & Deodrants, Powders. Food Suppliments (Calcium, Multi Vitamins, Minerals) Fish tanks, Dog Cage, Bird Cage, Fish Accessories, Fish Bowl.


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Exotic Birds and Parrots INR  500
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Fish Aquarium INR  1800
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Dogs and Puppies INR  7500
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New Born Dogs & Puppies INR  12000
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